EMGM 2019

About the EMGM


The European Meningococcal Disease Society (EMGM Society, was founded in June 2005 as a forum for collaboration between the European Reference Laboratories for Meningococci and infectious disease epidemiologists. The EMGM society succeeded the previous European Monitoring Group on Meningococci, which for many years provided Europe with epidemiological data on meningococcal disease. On the basis of the most successful activities of the European National Meningococcal Reference laboratories and the Epidemiology Units within the EMGM has been extended to H.influenazae invasive disease in 2015.

The Society is a non-profit making organisation of individuals dedicated to the reduction of the burden of invasive bacterial diseases due to N. meningitidis and H. influenzae by the pursuit of scientific knowledge in the fields.

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